1991 ?

Trapped in myself.
Feeding on
thoughts, words and
noise alone.

Fell inwards,
through the hatches
of my mind.

Days, nights, time blending.
Chaos and dissonance.

Speed increased,
fell further and further.
Saw the inherited memories
of all times,
buried in my genes.
Felt the shame
of our collective guilt.


Desperately seeking
clues of being

Without warning,
I arrived at the brim
of my mind.
What I sought,
within my grasp.

Image burned on my iris.
Sword of Damocles.
An answer
at the bottom of a cliff.
The choice
was mine to make.

at the cost of my sanity.
or step away,
forever lost,
in numbness
and ignorance.

I fell again,
I let go the string
of thoughts.
Traded my soul away
to keep sane.